Monday, April 18, 2011

update on chaos

Okay folks, here it is in a nutshell

I left olfella, due to his pernicious cheating, gambling, drinking, battering and other bad habits.

I left him on Valentines day and drove 1200 miles with a u-haul (the biggest they had) filled to the roof, two fairly large dogs and a whining kitty cat in a cat carrier. I took I-40 most of the way and truly enjoyed the drive. Pulled into my folks area on the Tuesday early in the morning after my epic journey at 2 AM. Did have some mechanical problems but the roadside assistance rider on my U-haul rental took care of that.
The scenery was awesome, and I was so happy when I crossed the Arizona border into NM that I cried. Stopped at Gallup for some real honest to goodness chili verde too. I had missed chili so much all the years I lived in Fresno.

Exactly one week after I arrived in NM I went for a walk with mother and was wearing flip flops. I tripped on a little rock edge, lost my balance and busted my left forearm very seriously but it was still better and safer in NM than in CA with olfella. I have never been so happy to get a shot in the ass, as I was to get that shot of Demerol at the hospital just before they took me to surgery to repair my arm bones. BTW I busted em both.

Two plates, sixteen screws, one pin and a bottle of percoset later they sent me home to recover with a splint on my arm. Big bulky splint and heavier than the dickens...

Two weeks later they removed the splint and did NOT cast the arm, took out the staples holding the incisions together and told me no weight, and move things around. I did what they told me but have to say that it was still feeling sort of floppy...

Tomorrow I will be eight weeks into the healing of my arm and nine weeks from the leaving of my husband of fifteen years. The arm hurts worse than the divorce does, which is just sad and sort of makes me think I might be a cold hearted woman....

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