Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life really gets in the way sometimes. I have no idea why I haven't posted in forever, but I haven't.
Things around here have been rough and tuff and not too good. I am working on getting the house tidied up because of the hoarding issues that the old guy that lives here seems to have. So far he has not noticed one single thing I have thrown out is gone. I am also working on selling those things that are superfluous and we really do not need. Drives me nuts that I am the one that has to do this stuff, but there is it.
I spent the last two days hiding out in my sewing room listening to an audio book by an author I have not enjoyed before. The book is called Undone and is by Karen Slaughter. I loved it and it was well researched and written.
The dogs are doing well, we have a cat hanging around outside that is sort of pretty but the dogs hate it and it is mean to my Kiki La Roue so I think I am going to have to find it another home. Big fuzzy thing, black and white. yowls all the time. Well that pretty much covers everything for now....

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