Sunday, December 28, 2008

cheesecakes and quilts

I have been learning to make cheesecakes and my new oven has a glitch. The glitch is that the temperature control runs one hundred degrees higher than the temperature in the oven. It is just as well though because you cook cheesecake really slow and then leave it in the oven to cool so that it doesn't split. So far, I haven't managed to make a cheesecake without a split, but I think it is because of the cold weather more than the oven. This house is not insulated.
I maybe have one of my quilts sold on the website so I am keeping the fingers crossed. One lady that has bought several quilts from me, (she must like my work) has asked me to hold it for her. She calls my quilts art and it makes me feel good.
Well, off I go to see what I can do in my sewing room now that I have a bit more space. If I can really manage to get the site addy of my quilt site out there it should generate some business.
The addy is so have a look see if you like. Remember they only seem expensive til you realize they will last a long long time with proper care. I only make about 2.50 an hour in labor, but it is something I truly love doing.

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smiles said...

That's weird that a brand new oven has the temp mess up...

with the cooling down, perhaps start by lowering the temp in the oven 50 degrees at a time for a bit, then when you turn it off, turn it on to keep the temp cooling at a steady would involve a lot of watching though - good thing cherries cover up cracks :P