Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blowing up the stove!

Okay here I go again. I think my last post got lost in cyberspace somewhere.

I have had a wonderful week spring cleaning my kitchen--it sort of was a God thing that I felt moved to do so. I pulled out the stove on Tuesday nite and sparks flew everywhere. It seems that the wiring was shot to heck and if I hadn't decided to wash all the walls in there, it would have been a real fire hazard. People: check your electric stoves now for worn wires. I found out a friend just had a bad house fire from the same thing that was wrong with my stove.

Bless our landlord--he went out and bought me a brand new stove and they are delivering it today. Good thing because I am way behind on the holiday baking and mom and dad should be thru here next week. I want to send a lovely box of goodies up with them to Becca's house.

Peter is driving me nuts and so is Claude. Claude just has a bad attitude. That man is the most selfish person I think I know right now. I seem to pick selfish men for husbands. I won't make that mistake again. This is my last try at marriage and if it doesn't work---I am done!
Peter is driving me nuts because he doesn't have a job right now and is super bored. I really wish he would get his teeth fixed so he can get a job. That lack of a high school diploma is really screwing him up.

The dogs are being normal dogs, in and out all the time. Puppy will soon be six months and weighs almost 60 pounds now. Goodness, she can eat the chow! At least she is starting to settle down and act like a dog, and is pretty much housetrained now. I am working on spring cleaning the whole house this winter in order to feel a bit better about the environment.

WE finally got a website up and running and it is located at and hopefully it will get our quilts sold. Peter and I really need the money from a sale or three so we can start more quilts.


smiles said...

Glad you got a new stove! Was really wanting a new one myself yesterday while baking cookies and the damn oven thought that 350 meant 500 again.


Terye Dawn said...

So blow up your stove. EASY! Then your landlord has to fix it or replace it?