Friday, November 7, 2008


Well I am freezing this morning and it is not really very cold outside. Made beef stew yesterday in the crockpot and it was so good with the cornbread I whipped up to go with. Of course, when the boys found out that I had done that they drove down to eat several bowls and take more off with them. After all the time spent not knowing how they were all doing etc. I am so thrilled to be attacked by locusts. I feel as if I am catching up on a lot of stuff missed.

I did manage to get some strips cut out of that nasty ugly polyester and think that the crocheted rag rugs will be wonderful. I am seriously looking forward to having those in the kitchen to ease my feet and legs as I do cooking and dishes. They should last well and be completely washable as well. Not to mention that the storage issues in my sewing room will be radically eased. I plan to set my happy butt down this weekend and watch television and quilt mom's quilt and work on those when my fingers get wore down....

Should be a productive weekend that way.

I plan to work on the yard today, pick up the rest of the walnuts and doggie bombs and then mow up the fallen leaves. Maybe this is a good thing but as rain is forecast tomorrow I figure it will look nice for that and I can get some exercise.

Peter wants to come over later today to try to get his quilt tied and I am hoping that staying busy will warm me up. His quilt is the one at the beginning of the post. I still haven't figured out how to put the pictures where I want them in the posts on here. My border for the black and white quilt is still in process so I won't post it for a bit. We are selling these jean quilts as we make em and hopefully we both can make a good living after we get the ball rolling.


smiles said...

Is crotching (SP?) how you make those rag rugs? I would love some around here! Robert prolly wouldn't like them tho...oh well.

As for moving pics in the, just click and hold the pic and then move your mouse up or down until the cursor is where you want it and then let go...does that make sense?

smiles said...

that is supposed to say 'as for the pics in the POST, just...'