Sunday, March 8, 2009

quilts and sewing

I had a very productive week last week with the sewing machine and such. On Tuesday, my quilt buddy came over and we talked and laughed and sewed just a bit together and got a lot done.

On Wednesday I got the black and white quilt top finished to 95"x108".
(I was limited by the backing) Peter came by and helped me get it sandwiched on Friday, (what a job!that puppy is heavy) and then we drank a couple of coronas and sewed together for a while as we listened to "The Two Towers" on tape. He finished his quilt top and we put it on the site again. He decided it would be better to sell it for cash as opposed to trading it. I am happy that he changed his mind. I finished tooling a little knife case for the old guy that lives here and spoils the dogs and cut out two scrub tops as mine are a bit tattered now. I need new tops and have to have pockets on my tops. So all in all, it has been a very productive week for me.

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