Monday, October 6, 2008

Stuff and thangs

Okay here goes nothing! I have never really tried blogging before so this is a new experience. My daughter Becca says I should try it so I decided to give it a shot.

I am married to my second husband and we are empty-nesters. WE have four fur babies, who are absolute terrors. The oldest is a rottweiler named Shyla because she is a really shy dog. Bless her heart, she was a rescue and is timid.
Then is our little mutt dog named Charley's Angel. She loves to play ball, chase squirrels, and will count for a doggie treat. She also chases a laser pointer like a demon. She bites when scared, which is not often because she is pretty fearless.
The next fur baby is Kiki La Rue a kitty cat that beats up all and sundry. She runs the dogs with claws of steel. She loves to hunt and has brought in dead opossums from the orange orchard we live in.
Then the last fur baby is a 14 week old rott/husky mix pup that is an absolute cutey pie with demon characteristics. As with all pups she is a chewer and tends to get the puppy crazies. She also likes to play ball, chase squirrels, and chase the laser pointer. It gets pretty funny sometimes. Her feet are huge and she is a klutz still but I think she will be bigger than my rottie girl.

I have two sons here in town and they are really good guys. They come see me about once or twice a week and help with car repairs and yard work and pest control.
My daughter is in Oregon with her hubby and two kids and fur babies of her own, and my oldest boy lives in New Mexico.

I have two step daughters, one here in town and one in South Carolina.

I have seven grandchildren who are all the smartest and most beautiful kids in the world. Don't argue with me about this; because you won't change my mind.

I like to sew, garden, quilt and make music. I don't like to cook or clean, but do it because I don't like living in a sty.

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