Saturday, October 11, 2008

more stuff

Well it looks as if they aren't going to keep my blog restricted. I am still recovering from the creeping crud last week and wonder if I will ever get my sinuses back? It really threw me for a loop and I have been sleeping a lot more than usual.
I have been working on house and yard this week and the wind has blown for two days now. It looks like all the yard work I did on Monday was useless as I now have about 30 or 40 palm tree limbs to pick up. They blow down and make a horrible mess. Whoever thinks palm trees are low maintenance doesn't have old ones that lose limbs.
Doralee has dragged about six of em up on the porch as trophy's. It is so funny watching that pup do things like that. They are so much bigger than she is that it is just comical. Of course those big puppy feet get tangled up at the same time and that makes it like watching the keystone cops. She goes tail over teakettle pretty often when her back feet outrun her front feet.
It is so hard to believe that she weighed about half a pound when she was born the 21st of June. She is already up to 35-40 pounds and based on her feet; I think she may get bigger than her mom. I have to give her a shot today as well. I don't look forward to that at all. She is wiggly and it is hard to hold her while I give the shot.
Well I am working in my sewing room today after I pick up the limbs, and will be finishing up some mending and a shirt for the old guy that lives here. Then on to figure out which dress to make for Miss Carus.

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